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Depending on your age, your nationality, and the location in the US where you have grown up, your experience with gambling and your knowledge of gambling facts versus gambling fiction will vary. You may not have realized gambling was a common activity until you were a young adult. Or you might have grown up playing poker on family game night, like I did. For still more of you, gambling would have been considered an “illicit” activity that you were told to stay away from. But whatever your personal experience with gambling, as an activity, it’s nothing new. Gambling facts show that for thousands of years, people have made wagers based on their perceptions of what was most likely to happen. From sports to games of chance to even another person’s behavior, people have bet money or other valuables on the outcome of a random event.

Your perception of popular gambling facts might come from Vegas or Atlantic City casinos. But the fact is that the first dice date to more than 3,000 years B.C.E. A 5,000 year old backgammon game was discovered in Iran, which archaeologists believe came from India. So not only was gambling occurring, but games were sold in the marketplace as well. The first dice are believed to have been made from the ankle bones of different hoofed animals, which led to the name “knucklebones.” They were also often made of nuts, ivory, wood, stone, or metal (and in modern times, plastic). The Bible refers to gambling as “casting lots.”

The ancient Romans were fervent gamblers, and even had a number of laws to regulate “throwing dice.” In the years since then, gambling has continued to evolve and spread across the globe. It seems that no matter what era, people found a way to create dice and make wagers.